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Chapters of The Community of Our Lady of Sorrows

The members of the Community form local small groups, or Chapters, in parishes around the nation, and hopefully, one day, around the world. Every member of the Community belongs to a Chapter - there are no "loose" members.

We value this means of fellowship and encouragement, as it benefits all the members. Meetings are all of the same length, and conducted in the same manner. Meetings begin with the recitation of the Sorrows Chaplet, followed by a lesson and discussion, offering of prayer requests by members and visitors and finally any announcements. The meeting ends with a final prayer, followed by a time of fellowship (beverages and a light snack). Chapters close to one another often will participate in retreats and special events together.

While there may be some variation in the Chapters in various parts of the country, the basic premise is the same in every one, and a member from one Chapter will feel completely at home when visiting another Chapter.

Chapters can meet in the home of the moderator (or another member) or in a classroom in the parish school or community center. Meetings are held at times most convenient for the membership - weeknights, weekdays, weekends - and at a time that the membership decides works best for everyone: some in the morning, some in the afternoon and others in the early evening. Sometimes there will be more than one Chapter in a single parish to accommodate different time schedules, as long as there are enough members for both Chapters to flourish.

Listed below are all the current Chapters of the Community of Our Lady of Sorrows in the United States. If there is no Chapter near you, and you would like to start one in your Parish, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to help you get started and assist you in making it a success.

If you are interested in attending a meeting of your local Chapter, you can just go to the next meeting or click on the name of the Moderator and contact them for more information.

Levittown, Bucks County

Name: Mary, Star of the Sea
Parish: Holy Trinity, Morrisville
Moderator: Susanna Lavdas
Meetings: First Saturday of every month, at the Lavdas home. Contact Susanna for directions
Time: 10 AM to 11:30 AM
Next Meeting: Saturday, June 6th

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